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Set including pot and measuring spoon

Nasal rinsing promotes daily nasal hygiene, respiratory health and well-being. The nasal rinsing set consists of a nasal rinsing pot and a measuring spoon for measuring up the necessary amount of salt for mixing a suitable saline solution. The salt concentration should correspond to that found in human blood, i. e. an isotonic concentration (0.9%). In the yoga tradition, nasal rinsing using a saline solution has probably been practised for centuries together with brushing one?s teeth as a daily, natural, pleasant measure of hygiene.

In Sanskrit, the ancient original language of yoga, this is called JALA NETI. Prof. Schmidt's Nasal Rinsing Set is a simple medical device for effectively cleansing and moistening the nasal mucous membrane. It is suitable for children, adults, and also pregnant women. When used every day, nasal rinsing supports free and unimpeded breathing through the nose without the use of medications. It aids the natural cleansing function of the nasal mucous membrane and frees it of increased mucus, trapped dust and pollen. You rinse your nose using a solution made with common salt or a mixture of both salt and baking soda in an isotonic or slightly higher (mildly hypertonic) salt concentration, using tap water of drinking water quality.

Nasal rinsing can support and activate the movement of the cilia attached to the nasal mucous membrane, which ensure the natural transport of mucus to the throat and thus a continuous cleansing of the nose. Nasal rinsing serves to care for the upper respiratory tract and can prevent as well as bring lasting relief to symptoms and disorders in this area, and it effectively supports healing.

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